Monday, August 22, 2005

Short Story is this. Austin Bay guest blogged at PressThink with an interesting article regarding Bush's relationship and strategy with the press. Bay has criticism for the press and for Bush, and Jay Rosen, who runs the site, commented on the article.

The reason I am bringing this up is not only is the article worth reading, but the comments are as well. While they are voluminous, they are very telling regarding some off the MSM reporters attitudes about the public (bullboys and fools), bias (does not exist, but if it does its conservative) and hyprocrisy (its okay for us, no one else).

After putting my two cents in, I was challenged by Steve Lovelady, who rather than engaging me on the merits, started at the outset to dismiss and demean me. What ensued was a some of the most unbelievable displays of arrogance, denial and hypocrisy that I have seen in a while. It was topped off by this sanctimonious post by Rosen, closing out the thread:

I'm embarrassed that this thread appeared at my weblog. I'm embarrassed that something I wrote and edited was the occasion for it. I embarrassed that the letters "edu" appear in the Web address at the top of this page, since most of this is the opposite of education. I'm embarrassed for having entertained, even for a second, the notion that Austin Bay, a Bush supporter and war veteran, might get a hearing for some of his warnings from those who agree with him on most things.

And I've had enough of anonymous tough guys with their victim's mentality raging at their own abstractions...

Those who wish to continue can head over to Austin's thread, where the story is pretty much the same. But four days of this pathetic spectacle is enough for me.

Thread closed. My advice: Go home to your wives and children, and breathe some truth.

It could be that I have a splitting headache right now, but this arrogance is just too much for me to take. These people are SO horrified and angry that they have to answer for their actions from the unwashed masses that it makes them feel dirty. While I can't take all the 'credit' for Rosen's post, I know that it was written at least in part towards me.

I was certainly sarcastic and acerbic to Steve Lovelady, but I did not give anything I did not get in the first place, and in return. I did not curse, I was not really nasty, and I thought I kept getting back to the points at hand, even when they were not interested.

I particularly like the part about Austin fans are not able to accept his warnings for those who agree with him. What about the criticism of the reporters? Has none of this sunk in? Can they deny any of this? Sure they can! Hell, they don't even acknowledge it.

Look I am pissed, but I am going to revisit this in a day or two and reexamine what happened to see if I was out of line, even though provoked. But right now, I just cannot believe this attitude on the part of Rosen and his pals. It is galling to me.


Saturday, August 20, 2005

Got A Reason for Posting This


Blah, blah, blah. You go on and on trying to defend yourself, throwing everything in the left-wing book at me, hoping to, what? Hit on the right answer? Make me go away rather than wading through your tsunami of useless information?

Your knowledge of left-wing/Demo talking points is impressive, but seeing as how they are bereft of facts and logic, I'm just gonna ignore them. They have been refuted again and again by people much better than me, so who am I to try again. Besides, based on your response to what I wrote, you'll just ignore it, and waste my time. I've dealt with people like you before, Sean, so spare me.

Instead, let me point out that while you claim I am being sarcastic and nothing else, you have responded with a myriad of insults and dismissive contents. This alone tells me; A) you know I am right, and are reflexively hitting back like a small child B) don't have the balls to stand up to what you wrote, C) logic and facts, like to many left-wingers, are irrelevant to you. The ideology is a religion, and no one may speak against the religion, right bud?

You know, I was going to respond in more detail to all your nonsense, but its not worth it. I took the time to read your blog, responded to it, pointed out where you had a logical error, and you respond with the vitriol that you claim I possess. Nice. Trying to maintain a long conversation with you would be like arguing with the insane, and I better things to do than read the blog of a mental patient. And if I did want to do that, I could try DailyKos, not some no-name dweeb.

But, for the record, genius, I gotta point out you still have not answered my original question. Bush created WHAT mess? Your post, and I did read the whole thing, suggested that Bush's invasion of Iraq led to the attacks, i.e., your "I wonder if those rockets came from Iraq' comment.

I responded by pointing out to you that terrorists in general, and Al Queda in particular, have been attacking America since before Bush even took office. You respond with:

"The terrorists started everything with 9/11."

Do have ANY freaking idea how that statement makes you look like a complete and utter idiot? I mean, apart from other raving moonbats such as yourself. The terrorists started everything with 9/11? Where the hell have YOU been for the last 20 years? Okay, how about the last 10? Hello? Testing! Is this thing on?

The fact that you are either so ignorant or so willfully obtuse on this only illustrates how pathetic you are. Reality-based community my ass. You've created a nice little world for yourself where all the "facts" are created to support your pre-conceived ideas, and not the other way around.

Case in point. I never once tried to state Iraq had any part in 9/11, but hypocrite that you are, you really did not read my post, but launched into a hate-filled, fact-starved tirade that is the calling card of modern leftists. Go ahead, point out where I said Iraq was behind or part of 9/11, Sean. Where? Huh?

Congratulations, loser, you just lost your only reader and anything that might have been a shred of credibility. Consider yourself busted. You may now resume blogging to the ether.