Friday, July 08, 2005

There is No Front Line, Jackass!

While arguing in a thread over the Marxist Dhimmi Galloway on Democracy Guy, a creep named Mike pulled the chickenhawk argument out of his ass. I responded in part with this:

"Regarding the chickenhawk label."

Yes, regarding it, Mike... If these attacks in London show anything, it is that just being on a bus or subway going to work means you ARE IN THE WAR. There is no front line; you get it? Anyone could die tomorrow. More people have died in American, British, Turkish, and Spanish streets than have died in combat.

Mike, brain trust that he is, responded with this:

"Ah, the crazy rationales the Chickenhawks come up with. Everywhere is on the front line, that's a new one."

Hey Mike, check out this list, via normblog. It shows the war everywhere around us. The front line IS everywhere. That's the very nature of terrorism, dumb ass. Nowhere is safe to be a "chickenhawk". Perhaps you need to be showered in someone's blood and guts in order to have that sink in?

Everyone else read the whole thing and by all means remind Norm about anything he missed. This list should be expanded then printed on the forehead of everything appeasement left-winger.

Of course, that will do no good, because they are quite willing to submit to the Islamist overlords rather than fight, or even lower themselves to support those willing to do the fighting for them.

I will say it again. There is a sizable contingent of people in the US and the west who are traitors. They support the enemy by fighting every effort to battle, contain and defeat them. Their reasons may be varied, but in the end all that matters is that they want us to lose, and they are working toward that end. Period. They don't want terrorists killed, held or even made uncomfortable. They want people who commit horrors like those in London free.

You can read the whole thread with Mike here, where he runs away when challenged. Big surprise.

Another thing. There is an attempt to stifle any debate regarding the war, terrorism in regards to London, labeling it ghoulish or inappropriate, political opportunism, etc. I don't buy it. Comments are inappropriate by their substance, not the fact that they are made. We need to argue about this because its MY ASS ON THE LINE. It also your ass. We need to fight these psychopaths and defeat them before more people end up murdered by them, perhaps millions. I am not willing to die just to be courteous in the face of idiocy. If I have to die, I want it to be as part of a successful effort to destroy the animals who murdered those people in London's streets. As they sadly remind us, one does not have to be in the mountains of Afghanistan or the sands of Iraq to become a casualty.

Bottom line, Mikey, its better to be a "chickenhawk" than a chickenshit, of which you are the latter.

I am telling you right now. We either get serious about this war, or we are looking at an even larger, more deadly one down the road, for all concerned. I am talking body count in the millions.

UPDATE: Here is some evidence that the deranged left has wasted no time in politicizing this event, trying to shift blame for the carnage on everyone but the terrorists. Note the Moore-like tactic of complaining that the terrorists attacked the wrong people, not that they attacked at all. THIS is why this needs to be argued NOW, even as the dead are counted. Time is not on our side here... Hatip: Malkin and Angry in the Great White North.


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