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Here you can find the We Are Not Afraid Website, a collection of photos submitted by everyday to declare their support of London and their defiance of terrorism. It is heartwarming and the myriad of photos are very creative. This one is my favorite.

Of course, I can't shake the feeling we've been here before. Its very nice to declare oneself unafraid and defiant. Its another thing to have the resolve to do something about it.

I thought 9/11 would have been sufficient to rally the world to do something about terrorism and those that sponsor it. I read the letters of support written by people around the world published in the local papers, and I actually wept with the kind sentiments and brave words of encouragement we received. I believed that the world finally got it; that they had found a cause to unite behind that would allow some real good to be accomplished. The idea of a better world seemed very real, very possible.

But, it didn't quite play out like that, did it? All the solidarity and sympathy the world had seemed to wane very quickly in many quarters, especially when it became evident the US was planning to actually DO something as part of their defiance. The world was so ready to stand behind us we lay bleeding in the streets, but when it came to helping us punish who had attacked us, the crowd began to disperse, some muttering curses at us as they left.

The people in London, in England, in Europe all have a choice to make. They can be defiant sheep, whistling while led to the slaughter, or they can become lions who hunt down those who hunt them. It takes courage to be unafraid, yes, but it takes even more to face and eliminate the source of your fear, and to make all the hard decisions that go along with it.

Many Brits are already in the fight, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or simply backing the war and their troops from wherever they reside. Many others, however, are not.

The theme of Winston Churchill's history of the Second World War was:

"How the British people held the fort ALONE till those who had hitherto been half blind were half ready."

There is a heavy dose of acidic criticism here, most of it directed at the United States (the Russians probably deserve some of it as well). Churchill, admiring and loving of America as he was, was a little bitter that it took so long, a direct attack, and a declaration of war against them, for the US to join Britain in the fight against Hitler's Germany. Not only did facing Hitler alone for almost a year bleed Britain badly, but the outcome of the war was very much in doubt as a result. Only Britain's dogged defiance held the day long enough for others to join the fight.

This is how I feel about the current GWOT. While Britain is obviously on our side, as are others, there are large parts of our and their populations who are not. They are at best indifferent, and at worst actively working against our efforts. In some regards, in overall military effort, it seems like the US is alone. It should not be this way. People are indeed half-blind to the threat here, and I am doubtful whether the London bombings are going to convince, I mean REALLY convince, those people that there is a serious war going on, and it needs to be won. Already we some of the press retreating back to euphemism, and the terror apologists and defeatists are already at work.

I'll say it again. There is a concerted effort by the international left, now joined by elements of the extreme right (where they meet in the middle of hell), which does not want us to win this war. They hate us as the Islamists hate us, for reasons which do and do not overlap. They at every turn tell us that there is no threat, that the threat is us, that we are the cause of the threat, and everything in between to sap our will. They will continue to do so until we win, wherein they will then write for decades how terrible we were and should have lost, or until we lose, and those left alive will join the caliphate.

Let me leave you some more words of Churchill which should become a daily mantra. Even though he did not number them, I think its pretty obvious to proceed in order.

In War: Resolution
In Defeat: Defiance
In Victory: Magnanimity
In Peace: Good Will


At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They will continue to do so until we win, wherein they will then write for decades how terrible we were and should have lost...

Or, like after the Cold War, they will try to rewrite history to make it seem as though they were on the right side doing the right thing all along.

-- Haws


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