Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sexual Predators Tonight!

Went to the local Stop and Shop to get my wife some Phish Food frozen yogurt, and came back to find her livid after watching Entertainment Tonight.

"At the risk of sounding like your father, maybe the world is going to hell," she says.

Now, my father is prone to depressive rants regarding the world going to hell in a hand basket, and my wife does not agree with his gloomy outlook (although she can see he his point about many issues). So, what got my wife to think we might be slouching toward Babylon?

Apparently, ET did a story on the upcoming wedding of Mary Kay LeTourneau to the boy she had slept with when he was 12. Here is a link to a text story, and a video clip.

You can read it all yourself here:

Mary Kay Letourneau Preps For Her Wedding

May 12, 2005

With the nuptials between ex-teacher MARY KAY LETOURNEAU and her former student VILI FUALAAU fast approaching, JANN CARL gets all of the wedding details -- from the cake to the theme!"

The theme bouncing between pedophilia and statutory rape.

"We start with a vision, we find pictures, we find out what's available," Mary Kay says about planning the big day.

When Mary gets a few more years on her hide, the vision Vili is going to have when she gets naked is going to have him picturing escape and seeing who else is available that is not his mother's age.

"The place, the theme, we know the feeling we want for people -- a real celebration and an intimate welcoming."

To facilitate this, the guests will be groped by the ushers as they enter, and the flower girl and ring boy have got quite a little surprise waiting for them when no one is paying attention.

Something important to both of them is keeping the family happy.

Since that is a completely fucking shot prospect, they will try to keep the family from killing themselves with alcohol poisoning at the reception.

"The feel of where family is, where everybody is going to be sitting and how the chairs are going to be arranged -- that's come together beautifully," she says.

Yes, they decided to sit everyone in separate rooms, to lessen the chance of a riot breaking out.

Making sure the location of the ceremony is special is also a top priority.

That it was not taking place in a jail or a country without an extradition treaty was a big get.

"It not being actually in a church or a chapel,...

As bursting into flames tends to ruin the ceremony for all involved.

"creating that sacred space is really important to him -- also to me."

Sacred in this case meaning somewhere where lightning is incapable of penetrating the roof.

And decisions are still being made about the ever-important cake! "I'm just happy that I found a picture that fits my own vision," she says of the confection. "It's so much easier to go to someone and say 'something just like this,' instead of having to describe it verbally."

I am getting a very, very disturbing images in my head of Mary Kay showing things to Vili, rather than having to "describe it verbally".

And although the music and decorations have been well thought out, it's their guests they care about the most.

They are hoping none of them are armed, or ratted them out by telling God where they were. You know, in case the roof is not entirely lightning proof.

"I want them to know that this is for them," Mary Kay says.

...Jammming both middle fingers up in the air and flicking her tongue suggestively...

"It's our day but it's for us to celebrate with them ... it'll represent us but I'm thinking of them, what will make them feel what we're feeling."

What feeling is that? An overwhelming urge to become a twisted, demented freakshow?

You know, I do consider myself to have a some strong libertarian leanings as a conservative, and I am uncomfortable with some social conservative prudishness. I think one should be careful about declaring the whole country/world lost because some people engage in behavior I dislike or disapprove of.

However, this ain't right.

The very fact that a show about ENTERTAINMENT has these two twisted freaks on at all is disturbing in and of itself. This is entertainment? I can see this story on INSIDE EDITION, where at least the salaciousness of it might be balanced by a disapproving tone at least. Notice anything about that story above? How about the fact that nowhere does it mention the sordid facts of the case. No mention of the fact that the blushing bride was in her thirties when she screwed a 12 YEAR OLD, and got herself impregnated TWICE by him. She is a pedophile and child rapist. Think I am over reacting? Imagine a 30 year old man fucking a 12 year old girl, creating two kids and then MARRYING her, and having ET get "all of the wedding details -- from the cake to the theme!"

Our culture has now gone from the whole Paris Hilton celebrity whore spectacle and driven down several more layers of the abyss. From what my wife saw, they even went into details about her dress and it seemed to her that ET was paying for it.

Would ET be asking a male rapist about his tux before his nuptials?

That ET would even touch this story at all is sick, but to cover it as just another storybook wedding shows there is something to the social conservative agenda. I am not calling for legislation here, but how about a little friggin' condemnation?


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