Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Paying the Effin' Piper

Student gets 8 years for SUV vandalism

An aspiring physicist was sentenced Monday to more than eight years in prison and ordered to pay $3.5 million for his role in a spree of arson and vandalism that targeted gas-guzzling Hummers and other sports utility vehicles.

I was not aware that they had actually caught any of the little eco-anarchist terrorists responsible for this felonious temper tantrum. Well, let me just say...


More when I stop laughing.

Hat Tip Tim Blair

UPDATE: Whatever this guy's issue is, really, I am glad his ass is going to the slammer. What do I mean "what is his issue"? Its environmentalism, right?

No. Its not. This idiot has other issues and he decided to "work it out" by acting out. I don't know whether its anger over a bad prom date 6 years ago, or that as a promising*(See Update2) physicist he's ultimately mediocre, or what. What I do know is he is using an "issue" to justify his crime. The whole environmental angle is just an excuse, certainly political but also psychological.

Merely torching a building or cars in a parking lot is a random crime, an act of senseless vandalism. But, do it for the ENVIRONMENT, and you are a hero; a green warrior, bravely lashing out at the corporate evil doers destroying the planet.

Problem is, this promising physicist can't even keep his message consistent. One of the things he wrote on the vehicles was "Fat Lazy Americans". What does this mean? How are Fat and Lazy related specifically to SUV's? I mean, ANY car would convey Americans around who are too fat and lazy to walk. Hell, even hybrids and electric cars would keep lazy, fat Americans from walking. So why just torch SUV's? What about compacts, and sports cars and mini-coopers and even the two car dealerships still selling electic cars? Why not lash out at all forms of mechanical conveyance eliminating the need for exertion? Wouldn't that make more sense?

It does, at least for someone who claims to be an environmentalist. But Cottrell's message and his target only makes sense for someone who is anti-American, not anti-internal combustion engine. It makes perfect sense for someone who will use any old stereotype to vent his rage and frustration and own-self loathing, just like any other bigot.

By the way, I would love to know if William Cottrell and his two co-conspirators walked to the lot for their Hummer roast. I certainly hope they were not fat and lazy and drove there.

What annoys me so much about the radical left (okay, there are many things that annoy me about them) is how much of their activism seems more like publicly interactive therapy. Remember that form of therapy, primal I think, where you were supposed go into your basement and scream at the top of your lungs? Many leftists are engaging in this, but its now out of the basement and onto the streets. This way, everyone can share in their little drama. When they get together for a event, I guess it would be considered group therapy.

Look at this. Its meant to be a nudie site, but it serves the purpose. Look at these people. Protesting all this and that and that other thing, and they all decide the best way to make their alleged point is to get naked. The issue is not really the motivation here, is it? Its the exhibitionism. Its a desperate cry of "look at me, I need attention" rather than "save the planet/seals/whales/etc.". Why the hell else would you strip down, paint yourself and bang a freakin' drum, while shouting?

Of course, nudity is one thing. Its silly, it can be disgusting (not enough hot people take the nude protest route) and its ultimately pointless, but its relatively harmless. Arson is another matter.

These little terrorists, and yes, they are terrorists, feel justified in engaging in mass destruction, and as we have recently scene, have graduated to murder.

Andrew Hampton Mickel (rot in hell) used the "evil corporations are destroying the environment" justification when he ambushed a police officer in Red Bluff, California, and shot him dead. Here again, we have a psychopath who is using the justification of fighting for a cause to commit acts of violence and satisfy his rage.

His act is the logical conclusion to the Cottrell's and the ELF's and the little anarchistic ninjas you see show up at WTO protests. They justified any manner of anti-social behavior and criminal acts in the name of the environment and anti-corporate resistance, and Mickel just took it the next step. First the Hummers and coffee shops and Gap stores deserved destruction, and then Officer David Bilio. It all makes perfect sense, you see, if your understand the real motivations...

Update2 Rereading the story, I realize I did not read it correctly. The first idiot is not even a "promising" physicist, he's "aspiring". Sort of like, I guess, the thousands of "aspiring" actors in LA and New York. This makes it even more pathetic. I'm sure his aspirations were thwarted by the fact that he is not really that bright, and now he has a prison term to prove it. Nice work, genius!


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