Tuesday, March 23, 2004


So, I understand Hamas is promising homicide bombings against Israel in response to the Kablooming of the old terrorist fuck in the wheelchair.

And...the difference between this and before the IDF sent Sheik Ahmed Yassin into 11th plane of hell? Hey, Hamas, here's a hint. In order to really threaten somebody effectively, you really should try something different than what you are already doing on a daily basis. Otherwise its kinda pointless. Why do you think this guy went POOF! in the first place?

Oh, everybody hold onto your seats as we see an outpouring of outrage over this 'assassination' of a 'poor old man in a wheelchair'. Boo Hoo.

Hey, I remember a guy named Klinghoffer and the ruthless animals that dumped him off the Achilli Lauro? Well, he was an old man in a wheelchair, and an American, and HE was executed by Palestinian fuck-wits. Yassin deserved what he got. Now that Hamas is threatening the U.S., I say, bring it on. I may die, but maybe it will galvanize enough of the weak, feckless idiots in my own country and we can finally take all these assholes out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


You know, I just started this blog, and I’ve already begun to feel I am not accomplishing what I wanted. The primary reason for this is because so many other talented people are doing it already. They find news stories not reported by mainstream media, give immediate analysis, do the research for subjects necessary to give me the bigger picture. I do not have the skills and abilities they have, at least not yet, but I do want to do what they want, which is to find the truth amidst all the noise and fog. It drives me to read the blogs, more and more, to more clearly pierce the veil, to see better the gathering storm. And there is a storm coming. Its going to be fucking huge, it going to be bloody, and I am not sure if can even be stopped. I consider myself a bright person, and I have a pretty decent ability to understand concepts and to reason out solutions, but I also rely a decent amount on my gut to tell me things. Intellect and intuition both guide me, and while I wish my discipline and analysis skills were better, I think I am pretty receptive.

September 11th did not catch me by surprise, nor was I particularly shocked. I woke up one morning to the sound of my telephone. I was working and evening shift and was still asleep. It was my wife.


“Are you watching the tv?”

“What?! No. I was sleeping.,,”

“They flew planes into the buildings.”


“They flew planes into the world trade center. The twin towers.”

I got up and turned on the TV and saw the smoke and the flame. I listened to the chatter of the newsmen, watched the video of the impacts again and again, and I watched the first tower fall, begin to disintegrate, even before the broadcaster realized it.

Its falling, I thought to myself, mentally telling the anchor, Pay attention, its collapsing.

I honestly do not recall feeling any horror or revulsion of disbelief. I swear to God. As I saw one building fall, then another, and watched the billowing clouds and running people and the smoke coming from the Pentagon, I was, for the most part, unfazed. Not unmoved mind you, just…taking it all in.

I knew something like this was coming. I knew it. I felt it.

I read history. I know the horrors and homicide and crimes that have occurred throughout the ages. Hell, just keeping up with current events would have revealed the potential for mass murder that made 9/11 pale in comparison. Kosovo, Rwanda, Iraq, Chechnya, and one and on.

I knew this was coming. Not planes in particular (although I had a strange dream once that a little bizarre in its familiarity). I had no idea this would be it, although I had read Tom Clancy’s Debt of Honor, where a vengeful Japanese airline pilot flies his jetliner into the Congress, killing most of them and the president. I did not know killers would be ingenious in their assault and daring in their execution and so stone cold hateful in their devotion to do what they did.

But I knew SOMETHING was coming. And the scary thing was that Tuesday was just the beginning. We have.nt fully accepted, I think, most of us. Well, I think I have, although I still find myself not fully capable or willing to fully grasp the implications of it. The scale of it, and the probable distance in time draws a mist around it, obscuring it, but its there.

The dream I had was at least a couple of years before 9/11. I don’t dream a lot, or at least I do not remember too many dreams upon awakening. They say people dream all the time, every night, but you just remember a small amount of it in your conscious mind. So, those I do recall tend to stand out.

The dream was this, I was out on a front lawn near a mall near my childhood house. It seemed to both night and day, so I think it was more of a twilight; bright enough to seem like day around you, but with a darkening sky. I do not recall too much of the details, but what I do remember was an airliner streaking overhead, and then disappearing beyond the horizon to the north. When it disappeared behind the horizon, there was a groundshaking blast with erupted from behind the trees and up into the sky. I rememeber being thrown to the ground. My dreams, the ones I remember, tend to be vivid, and this was. I could feel the vibration of the shockwave and flinched from the flash in the sky and I was stunned. I remember panic, and I remember suddenly knowing things, being fed information about what was going on in a kind of epiphanies common in a dream. I can’t remember the details, of the thoughts, but I knew it was not over. A second plane appeared in the sky, and I could see this one was going to crash, and I knew it would be closer and I remember scrambling away, hands and knees, trying to get away from the blast, which I knew would be bad. The second blast went off when I wasn’t looking and it shook everything around me and lit up the sky. From the intensity, I concluded in my dream that it had to be a nuclear blast, although I think I remember pondering how I would still be alive to think that.

Then I woke up.

I am not saying that dream was a premonition or anything. I could not say that. But I swear its true.

So, move forward a few years later, and I am watching the towers fall, and seeing the video of falling people, conscious people falling to their death and I am not shocked.

As I said, I knew something like this was coming. Actually, I imagined something much worse, which is what frightens and concerns me know.

I have told friends for years now that the world has at least one World War left in it before we’re done; whether for a resolution of our strife, or the destruction of our species. I felt it was inevitable. My reading of history, the path of current events and my gut all told me it had to happen. Conflict has always been there, and whether it was between neighboring tribes or nations states, it had continued throughout centuries. The only thing that really changed was the technology and the body count. The tensions and rivalries, the will to dominate and the will to fight back, the folly of weakness and the triumph of strength have always been there.

Most of all, my gut tells me in can be no other way. It is not sophisticated enough to tell you the how and the why and the when, exactly. What my gut tells me is that it is coming, and it will be horrendous before it is finished.

I used to be afraid of death, obsessed by it. I worried about what would happen, how it would happen, how I did not want to do die nomatter what. I did not want to accept my own mortality.

I accept it now, just as I accept the coming storm. The people of the last century, those in the 20’s and 30’s, how many of them saw it coming? I mean really it saw it. A few did. A precious few saw it coming toward them, but most of them could not have imagined the true magnitude of what was to come. The rest, they had no idea. First awash in wealth and prosperity, then numbed by poverty and despair, they were not paying attention, and they could not even imagine what was to come.

During the reign of the Mongols, I read that at Baghdad, they made an example to other cities who would resist them by cutting the heads off of 1 million residents. They piled the skulls together, a massive, grotesque monument to their power and their cruelty. How many of those Baghdad residents, men, woman and children, young and old, could have imagined such a thing a year before? 6 months? A month, even, when they had to have heard the rumors of the approaching hoard? When did it sink in to them just what their enemy was capable of, what would be their fate?

The Second World War, depending on whose estimates you use and how you frame the conflict, cost around 50 million lives, many dying in the most horrible of ways. Shot, burned, blown to pieces, pierced, gang-raped, torn apart, starved, frozen, suffocated, hung, buried alive, crushed, dismembered, experimented on, drown, smashed into the ground, crushed by the depths of the sea.

What will this next World War bring us. Some believe the Cold War was in effect the Third World War, and based on the body count alone, they have a point. So, this Fourth World War, WWIV, when it comes, what will be the butcher’s bill? If it occurs, if nothing is done to prevent it from getting to that point, the results will have to be mind-shattering. Take the zealous hatred of Nazism, take the very worst aspects of religious extremism, add dozens of nations dominated within a fascist alliance, and add several cups of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and mix. YOU do the math. Or just listen to your gut. Either way, its adding up to a charnel house even compared to the 1940’s.

The current situation does little but encourage me in this direction. The U.S. is waging a war to head this conflagration off at the pass (so sorry, intellectuals, for the typical American cowboy symbology), and we are increasingly fighting it alone. Just like that oft-mentioned conflict of blitzkrieg and , those standing in the way of the beast choose not to see or hear its approach. They hide their heads in the sand, or stand still, and expect the creature to take no notice of them. And perhaps they are right. Perhaps they will be spared while the beast seeks other prey and devours them instead. They will be spared, for a time, but when all others are gone, and the beast has grown bigger and more varacious, what will it then eat?

I accept my own death now. I do because I know there is nothing I can do about it, and my only concern is to make the most out of what remains of it. It may be a lot, and I may have so little time it would kill me if I knew. I accept it now because I realize that like so many people before me, so many who were caught by the beast, their wishes and desires and their protestations to the contrary, the beast will take them when it is ready.

That is, unless you kill it first. That is what America is trying to do, people. The beast is growing and creeping and it is feeding of the weak and the craven and those seeking scraps from its kills like jackals. It is coming, and if you don't stop it now, it will eventually come for you...


I thought you might find this interesting. I came across it while I was reading the New York Times March 17th, Page A12 (non-fiction section) in a article titled "Spain grapples with Notion that Terrorism Trumped Democracy”. The story tries to explain how the Socialists pulled ahead because after the attack, Aznar quickly and vigorously blamed ETA, rather than consider an Al Queda connection. Apparently he lacked friends with insider information:

“Meanwhile, within 24 hours of the terrorist attacks, the Socialists, through their own intelligence and diplomatic contacts in the Muslim world, were already leaning toward the theory that Al Queda and not ETA was responsible, two senior Socialist Party officials said.”

Huh, you don’t say? Hmmm, now, when it says ‘within 24 hours of the terrorist attacks’, it doesn’t quite say whether that was BEFORE or AFTER the attacks, right? Just, ‘within 24 hours’ of them occurring. Interesting. I’m not making accusations, here. I am just wondering.

Then there is the sanitized reference to “intelligence and diplomatic contacts in the Muslim world”. What this says, in plainer language is, “Someone who has contact with both Al Queda and the Spanish Socialists told them with some authority who was responsible in less than a day after the incident.” So, who knows both groups so well? Who are these people who are so trusted or familiar with Al Queda that they would know with authority they were responsible, and who are so trusted by the Socialists to be reliable for their information?

I’m not making accusations, here. Again, I am just wondering.

And if these unknown "contacts" knew within 24 hours of the bombing that it was Al Queda, what did they happen to know earlier? Did they tell their confidants in the Spanish Socialists anything they may have known prior to the mass murder? This seems to me pretty disturbing. What would have been our response if, within 24 hours of 9/11, when speculation was still high about Bin Ladin’s involvement, the Dems had said, “Yep, it was him. The people WE know in the middle east confirm it, and believe me, they would know.”? Wouldn't everyone want to know how the Dems found out? Particularly if the incident had happened just before an election?

And, what is this about a party in a country having its own intelligence and diplomatic channels, anyway? Opposition party or not, are you not supposed to still be working with and for your COUNTRY, and within its intelligence and diplomatic agencies? And when they ‘leaned’ in the Al Queda direction, did they share their info with their government and their intelligence agencies, or did they hold back for a bit, waiting for political gain?

I'm just wondering.


The word is spreading in the news regarding the scandal at the UN regarding the Oil for Food program. Basically, the scheme involved kickbacks for UN staffers and members as well as over $4 billion worth to Saddam himself, who was supposed to be keeping his people from dying (Hmm, guess maybe it wasn't our fault?).

Fox News ran the story at 3:30p, maybe earlier as well.

I have been watching CNN for most of the day, and if they have mentioned the scandal once, I missed it. Their website also does not mention it anywhere I can find it as of 4:35pm. CNN has instead focused on the bombing of the hotel in Iraq.

Granted, its an important story, but isn't corruption and graft at the UN involving Iraq's dictator and those at the organization who worked so hard to protect him?

Apparently not. Its more important to dwell on a "Bush's Quagmire, Iraq is the 11th Plane of Hell" story, rather than a "The UN is bunch of lying, thieving, weasels story."

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Rise of the Islamofascists

Little Green Footballs brings up and example of the Leftist and Islamic Fundamentalistic contradictions coming to a head.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Travesty or Turning Point?

Belmont Club has a interesting take on the debacle which is the Spanish election in particular, and european politics in general. I do not feel positive as their assessment, but it is worth a read for a different perspective.

Belmont believes the election will reveal for all that the Socialist Left and the Islamosfacists are in cahoots, the former subservient to the latter, and thus the Spanish election is ultimately a victory in the War on Terror.

I find myself somewhat more pessismistic.

For one, I believe a good chunk of people, particularly in Europe, ARE socialist in heart and mind, including all the political ramifications it entails. They do not want to be bothered with the day to day drudgery of freedom; they want to be taken care of by a benevolent power (as they see it), which will make everything fair and all right and they are willing to submit to anything that deliver's this utopia. Partly this comes from ignorance, partly human nature.

People, in this country and elsewhere, have been indoctrinated with the left's ideas for decades. Its been in taught school, permeates popular culture and is reinforced by political correctness. These people do not know history, they scorn logic and common sense, and hatred is what chiefly animates them. In fact, for many of them, hatred is the only real passion they feel. They speak of universal brotherhood, peace and understanding, but they will back and support any vicious pyschopath that murders and oppresses as long as it serves "the revolution". The revolution is Marxism/Communism, but its chief driving goal is confrontation with the United States and liberal (old-school) democracy.

This is where I can agree Belmont is 100% correct. The Left and the Islamofascists have formed an alliance. How official and coordinated it is uncertain. I myself feel its just been a simple gravitational pull of mutual hatred toward the U.S. and the west over the years. In some ways it is unconscious or at least periphery, but I sense the convergence is growing, as is the cooperation. That is irrelevant, however, in that both are have been working roughly toward the same ends here for a long time.

The Left hates the U.S. because it, and the capitalism that forms the cornerstone of its economic strength (and all the other power that brings), destroyed its precious ideology and its political fountainhead, the Soviet Union. The U.S. was at the forefront of driving the stake through the heart of communism by beating the USSR. Not only did the U.S. destroy the cradle of communist civilization, but it helped completely invalidate Marxist theory by showing how pathetic a system it was. The Left has not forgotten its murdered revolution, and has not forgiven the one who pulled the trigger.

The Islamofascists are a little more complex, their origins tied up further in history, but it comes down to this. They are seeking a power grab, pure and simple. There is a reason for referring to them as fascists; its not just propaganda. The IF's seek complete domination and control of people's and societies. Look at the societies they run in other nations. The people's will MUST be subordinated to the will of themselves, but to bolster their claims and in effect make them unassailable, they claim divine right from Allah.

"Bend your will to Allah, but since he's busy right now, why don't you bow to us in the meantime?"

The U.S. represents the most across the board free society in the history of the world. We are a threat politically, economically and, worst of all to Islamofascists, culturally.

Next time someone asks you, "Why do they hate us?", or tries to tell you the reason they hate us is because of;

A) The "mistreatment" of Palestinians, B) The legacy of colonization and the Crusades, C) Misapplication of farm subsidies harming third world agriculture, etc.; try giving them these reasons instead:

1) Rosie O'Donnell, Elton John and thousands of other gays (abominations to Allah) living, kissing, raising children and/or "marrying" publicly without being stoned to death.

2) Female performer X (prostitute), strutting around a stage, half-dressed, bumping, grinding, gyrating and exposing breasts on national TV.

3) The widespread practicing of religions (heathens, cults) other than Islam, without strict governmental control of who worships what and how.

4) Access to all sorts of media which promotes immorality and decadence and dangerous thought, whether it is Hustler (pornography), Maxxim (pornography), Car and Driver (pornography) or the Village Voice (pornography).

5) The acceptance of woman (whores) to work and socialize openly and publicly with men; allowing women (arrogant whores) access and influence in men's affairs.

You get the idea (if not, you are hopeless. Go away). So, if we are to accept the notion that we have somehow offended the Islamofascist's in some way, and they were right to strike back at such offense, and we need to make amends, let us be intellectually fair and honest and rectify the above issues. Such things are truly offensive to Osama and Mullah and the fundamentalist clerics. If we wish to stop offending, it is going to take more than removing support for Israel, buckos.

Of course, we won't do more than that, will we? We like our basic human freedoms here, and even if you don't approve of some of the above, we at least can agree that NO ONE SHOULD BE BLOWN THE F**K UP FOR IT!

But then, we begin to see evidence of the emerging alliance of the Left and the Islamofascists here. A Faustian bargain, yes, but oh, such a desperate and necessary one. The Left will not even acknowledge the inherent contradiction in their stance regarding the Islamosfascist movement. To them, its all about the poor, oppressed people of the middle east who are being victimized and humiliated by a evil U.S. and its imp, Israel. Its not about an savagely oppressive theocratic ideology bent on domination and willing to commit mass murder to achieve its ends.

For the Islamosfascists, they pretend that when the Islamic revolution comes, toppling those goverments with decadent ideas like a Bill of Rights and Separation of Church and State, they WON'T be rounding up the communists, gays, NAMBLA members, hollywood nitwits, "liberated" woman, intellectuals, educators, etc., and dropping them all into a great big pit. Filled with fire. And snakes. Poisonous snakes.

Seem crazy? Hey, Hilter and Stalin HATED each other, both personally and ideologically. To the CORE! Yet, they two found it in their hearts to work together for their own mutual benefit until one of the two decided he had gotten all he could out of the arrangement. We all know how that ended. Well, the people who actually paid attention in history class know how that ended. This usually excludes people who have been marching in war protests, I know.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

"MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish voters swept the center-right government from power on Sunday in a spectacular general election upset over last week's suspected al Qaeda attack in Madrid."

"In a high turnout, voters said they wanted to display unity for democracy after the worst guerilla attack in Europe since the 1988 Lockerbie bombing (news - web sites) of a U.S. airliner killed 270 people."


Apparently, they also wanted to display appeasement. I am sorry for the deaths on Spain, and I do not feel I can question another nation's grief, but the results of their elections are tragic. The Spanish have allowed Al Queda to dictate to them their own government through terror and propaganda, pure and simple. I was hoping that this attack might wake the rest of Europe the f**k up, but apparently things are worse there than I thought.

What do they think? They elect a socialist government who pulls out of the war on terror, and the Islamofascists won't ever bother them? Hey, Spain! You will merely be bumped down on the list, my friends. When we are gone or have given up and left on rocket ships to Mars, the Moors will be coming back, and they won't remember this little bit of appeasement and give you a break.

I swear to God, I love this land, but this country is bound up in a spirit, not soil. If I could move the entire goddamn nation to Mars or beyond tommorrow, I would do it. I would just like to be close enought to pick up the transmissions as the whole freakin' planet went to hell. Oh, and to transmit one simple message, over and over again:

"We told you so, we told you so, we told you so, we told you so..."

Sad, so goddamn sad.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

I highly recommend the following books. They speak volumes of the dangers and challenges we face today, even though some of them were written decades ago. You may have heard of them, but if you have not read them, do so. I know for myself, two of them were required (1984, Fahrenheit 451) reading in high school, and being the undisciplined student I was, I never read either until years later. I wish I had done so earlier, although they might not have seemed as prophetic back then.

by George Orwell

The world is in the iron grip of an all powerful fascist state, where truth has been murdered and thus total, unending despotic rule has been achieved. How can anyone fight for freedom when there is no longer any word for it? Illustrates the danger of having reality pervasively spun. If you've noticed how media and politicians misuse words constantly, don't assume its ignorance. There may be another purpose....to make reality suit their own agendas.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Shows how political correctness can lead to the suppression of free speech. In a world obsessed with not offending anyone for any reason, nothing is allowed to be written which has not been cleansed of any "unenlightened" thought. Anything written before this culturally sensitive age must burn! Amazing book, written more than 50 years before the term political correctness came about, but it describes it very well.

Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein

Heinlein caught alot of crap for this book, his original publisher calling him a Nazi sympathizer. He, of course, missed the point entirely. Heinlein illustrates some of the inherent weaknesses of democracy and lares bare some ugly but important truths. One is, violence DOES solve problems, when applied appropriately, and sometimes it is your only solution. It is something that resonates especially well now in our fight against the Islamofascists.
The book describes a warrior code which of course gives the left fits because it is not all about peace, love and understanding. It is about honor, courage and the type of men needed to protect any society from its vicious enemies.
It is also a very visionary book in that the kind of powered armor Heinlein describes in the book is under development, albeit in the primitive stages, for our own military.

The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula LeGuin

Simple theme is "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions." The more complex one involves the inherent problem with centralized control over societies, the impossibility of a 'perfect' existence and the dangerous unintended consquences that spring from trying to achieve both of the former.
Economic, social and political solutions cannot be forced from any authority, nomatter what the intentions are, or the power at one's disposal. Human societies, and life in general, have too many variables to try and control and contain. Trying to do so just brings more misery than what you were trying to achieve. Societies benefit from structure, but not when they are forced into one man's, or a small group's, vision of what they should be.


Well, why another blog? Let me start with telling you how I got here.

I am right-wing, conservative American who loves his country (imperfect though it may be) and I found it increasingly difficult to sit back and listen to the insanity that surrounded me in the media, from politicians and from woefully uninformed blathering twits who malign the United States, and often most of what is good and decent in the world.

The more I read and heard and thought, the more it became obvious that there is a concerted effort to limit and manipulate the information we receive from the glorious "4th estate", and that the intention is to further the agendas of select groups and ideologies.

I try to keep informed, and of course that not onloy means keeping up with the news, but also realizing when the news is NOT the truth. I listen to Rush Limbaugh (gasp), Sean Hannity (eeek!), read National Review and love Fox news in an attempt to get a balanced view of the world. Lord knows we are not getting now from Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and a slew of other propogandists who call themselves journalists.

Finally, after seeing enough of the lies, distortions and bias, and the way that certain issues, or certain viewpoints on issues were ignored and supressed, I decided something had to be done. I had heard of blogs in relation to the Iraqi war, and how alternative viewpoints, from those actually there, doing the fighting, were challenging the mainstream press line. I figured, that was it! I would create a website blog that would record, catalog and analyze all the tripe and garbage and propaganda spewed out by all those for truth meant nothing, but the "cause" (whatever it was) was everything.

So, I figure I have this brilliant idea that no one has though of yet; a political analysis and archive blog where people came come and see for themselves the lies and deceit and stupidity. I am genius!

I go online, and look up some of the warblogs, and then notice links to other sites with interesting names, like EJECT, EJECT, EJECT, and IMAO, and RACHEL LUCAS, and the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller, and Dissident Frenchmen, and U.S.S. Clueless...well you get the idea.

Well, I immediately have two ideas run through my head.

1) "Hey, this good stuff! Bill Whittle's essays are fantastic! Inspiring and incisive. IMAO makes me laugh my ass off! Rachel Lucas, cute, spunky and taking no goddamn prisoners. Steven Den Beste's so smart, he makes my head hurt, but in a good way. Wow, there are some really talented people on this already."

2) "Wow, I certainly was and arrogant ass for thinking no one had thought of, or done this before! Schmuck!"

So, why another website, another political blog?

Because they are needed. I know I need them. Being able to read the common sense, and logical and intelligence and good humor of these people, and hundreds of others helped me keep a little of my sanity, and I believe maybe a little of the sanity of the country. Finding others who thought that political correctness was an intellectual virus, that the United States was not center of all the is evil, that fighting was much better than capitulating gave me hope and inspiration.

We need more because we need to carry on the fight. There is so much bullshit flying around these days, so much Orwellian groupthink and newspeak idiocy becoming pervasive in our world, that any contribution to fight is needed. When others are unable to take up the blogger sword any longer, as some have, there must be others willing to continue on. This fight is real and it is neccessary. We cannot let the apologists for terror and the stealth marxists win the debates because there is too much at stake.

If for no one else, though, this blog is for me. I need to be able to vent my frustrations and express my thoughts on topics. I cannot keep silent anymore, keeping things in because I figure others will say what I need to express, and I don't have the time. I need to make the time. We all need to make the time. If not writing, then reading, being informed. Information is our weaponry. We need to be armed at all times, ready to defend ourselves and what we believe in.

I do not have a good track record with Journals. I have several with entries 6 months or more apart. It used to be that I only sat down to write when I was particularly annoyed or frustrated or when a particularly interesting idea came into me head. Unfortunately, that is not really writing, but more like ejaculatory prose. I am hoping I am better with this, and I think I will be. There is unfortunately something to write about when your topic is the maelstrom of hypocrisy and stupidity we are exposed to everyday.

I will talk about topics of the day most times, things occuring in the moment, events as they occur. I will also tend to harken back to earlier issues, expressing my thoughts on them at that time, which I may or may not have written about in another format.

This whole thing is new to me, and I am not sure what the rules are yet. For instance, I am not sure of the propriety of linking to other people's sites, so I may just refer you to the site name until I clear that up. Also, I may post comments from people within the body of the blog, as I do not think this current system allows for it seperately.

Assuming this site generates any interest at all, and thus responses, let me just make a couple of things clear. If you write me, I don't care if you disagree with me, but use LOGIC and COMMON SENSE and make ARGUMENTS for your viewpoints. Rants of any types will be met with one of two responses.

Mocking derision, posted for all to gaze at your rabid stupidity...



I want my viewpoints challenged, because it requires me to be a better thinker and writer. However, arguing with the insane is nothing but a waste of time and time is not something I wish to waste.